Online Restaurant Management System

Online Restaurant Management System

Restaurant Management System – This is an another open source project that we have worked on. This project is based on the codeigniter, mysql, adminlte, bootstrap, and jquery. The administrator can manage more one store in this system. They can track each users, products, orders, and tables based on the stores. The super administrator can view every thing based on the every stores. The users privileges can be done by the super administrator. The administrator is responsible for user permission. He will need to set the user permission to create, update, view and delete each module on this system.

We have listed down the system features on below section. We will also teach you how to install this system successfully.

System Features

  • Admin
  • email:
  • password: password

System Features

  • Manage Users
    • Add new user detail
    • View, Update, and remove user information
  • Manage Groups
    • Add new group information
    • View, Update, and remove group information
  • Manage Stores
    • Add new store data
    • View, Update, and remove store information
  • Manage Tables
    • Add new table information
    • View, Update, and remove table information
  • Manage Category
    • Add new category information
    • View, Update, and remove category information
  • Manage Products
    • Add new product information
    • View, Update, and remove products information
  • Manage Orders
    • Add new order information
    • View, Update, and remove orders information
  • Reports
    • View total amount of paid orders represented on the graphical chart based on yearly.
    • View total amount of paid orders represented on the graphical chart based on yearly and store wise.
  • Company
    • Update the company information
    • That includes company name, address, phone, message, vat charge, service charge and more..
  • Profile
    • View the logged in user information
  • Setting
    • View, and Update logged in user information

Installation guidelines

First download the source code and database from the link that I have provided. Please download them it’s free to download and use them.

After you have downloaded the source code, create the database on your mysql. If you don’t have any mysql or XAMPP (Windows), MAMP (MacOS) on your operation system then please download them.

Now, create the database named as restaurant, and import database script which has been provided to you.

So If your database is installed successfully copy the downloaded source code into the htdocs file which is located in MAMP or XAMPP directory.

After you have copied the file in that folder go to the restaurant/application/config/config.php. There you will see site_url global array. Change that localhost:8888 into your suitable port no. For example if you have localhost:8080 then changed it into that port no.



$config['base_url'] = 'http://localhost:8888/stock';

Go to the applications >> config >> database.php file and change the database name if you have another database name. If you have different database user’s username and password on your system then change the username and password.
























$db['default'] = array(

    'dsn'   => '',

    'hostname' => 'localhost',

    'username' => 'root',

    'password' => 'root',

    'database' => 'restaurant',

    'dbdriver' => 'mysqli',

    'dbprefix' => '',

    'pconnect' => FALSE,

    'db_debug' => (ENVIRONMENT !== 'production'),

    'cache_on' => FALSE,

    'cachedir' => '',

    'char_set' => 'utf8',

    'dbcollat' => 'utf8_general_ci',

    'swap_pre' => '',

    'encrypt' => FALSE,

    'compress' => FALSE,

    'stricton' => FALSE,

    'failover' => array(),

    'save_queries' => TRUE


This is a final step, After you have successfully installed and configure the main file that I mentioned. Go to chrome browser and type localhost:8888 or any port no that your server is running. After that the page should redirect you to the login page. Please enter the credential that has been provided at above page section.

I hope this helps you alot. Thank you

click here and download the project source code : 


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