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How To ?

How to block Httrack Website Copier ? (its options)

How to block httrack web site copier and example programs with .htaccess or robots.txt or with any type ?


Google reCAPTCHA Using in PHP Contact Form

Contact form with Google reCAPTCHA code will be effective and efficient way of validating the user against bots. As we know already,...


eCraft WhatsappLink Generator in PHP

eCraft WhatsappLink Generator is a script that you can use to create WhatsApp links very easily. With just one click, you have got...


Barcode Generator in PHP

A barcode is an optical, machine-readable, representation of data, the data usually describes something about the object that carries...


QR Code Generator Using PHP

QR code is also known as Quick Response code it is a 2D barcode format code it is used to store text like phone numbers, emails, address...

Payment Gateways

Stripe Payment Gateway Integration using PHP

There are many payment services available in the market to integrate payment gateway in an application. For example, PayPal, Stripe,...

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