How to Get IP Address and get Information of User in PHP

PHP Exercises, Practice and Solution: Write a PHP script to get the client IP address.

PHP Redirect [ Javascript Redirect ]

PHP redirect mechanism is used to navigate the user from one page to another without clicking any hyperlinks. This will be helpful...

Display All File And Folder

This php code is used to display all files and folders in current directory. this code is used to web hosting projects

Backup MySQL Database Using PHP

This code will help you on how to backup your database. I Created this code to help thus programmer that encountered difficulties...

Import Excel File into MySQL Database using PHP

Database backup and restore is the most important thing in maintaining software. Periodical automatic backup is a must for any project.If...

Handling data

Four type of data comes under the category of scalar data type: Boolean, integer, float and string

Introducing Variables

Variables are known to hold data that can change during runtime of a program. The following are few important factor about PHP variables

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