Blood Bank Management System

Blood Bank Management System


The main aim of this project is to establish an online blood bank management system which helps in managing blood bank operations efficiently.

Online Blood Bank System

Blood is considered as a living force of our body. Blood is require in urgent basis like accident or for anticipated transfusion during planned surgeries. Blood transfusion has been responsible for saving life. Ideally there should be enough blood units in a blood bank for everyday requirement for optimum functioning of the health care system. In present system people have to go to the blood bank to find their required blood unit which is unhandy. In most of the time we can see the shortage of blood units in the blood bank and patient has to take help from the relatives, friends and family members. It is very difficult to get blood donor in the time of emergency and urgency. 

By considering these problems of blood bank and patients we have developed this online project which is going to be very much helpful and friendly for the patients in finding required blood unit.Some people are lucky enough to have vital amount of blood in their body, where some are not. This project gives the opportunity to donors to gift a life by donating blood to the needy. 
This crucial and supportive project is developed using Dot Net and SQL

Existing System

Existing system of blood bank is very much impeded and disrupt. There is a constant need to replenish stocks in blood bank. Blood bank faces lack of donors resulting in shortage of blood units. Hence customers have to go around in search of blood unit.

Proposed System

This proposed system is very much attainable and usable. This online system is provided with the awareness regarding blood donation which will increase the number of voluntary blood donors. It consists of central repository which gives the information regarding various blood donation camps available along with the details associated. Voluntary donors can register in the system to post their donation and customer in need of blood can register online and find suitable donor, hence making the whole process friendly and handy.


  1. User: There are two type of user in this project donor and customer. Donor can register to the web site by giving his personal details like name, blood group, address, contact details etc. Once registration is done he can post his donation. Customer can register to the portal and view list of donors who are interested to donate blood. He can also search list of donors based on the blood group. Once he gets suitable donor he can directly contact the donor.
  2. Admin: Admin is responsible to post all the information related to blood donation. Admin can view list of voluntary blood donors and help the needy by providing their information to blood bank and patients. Admin can send a blood request to other blood bank in case of emergency or shortage of blood.

Software Requirements

• Windows XP, Windows 7(ultimate, enterprise) 
• SQL 2008
• Notepad ++
• Visual Studio
• Microsoft SQL Server

Hardware Requirements

• Processor – i3
• Hard Disk – 5 GB
• Memory – 1GB RAM

Technologies Used

• Microsoft .net framework

click here and download the project source code : 

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